Juli Jha

juli jha singer is from bihar  and does  lot of stage shows and actively participates in vidyapati samroh.

Juli Jha Maithili song is very popular on internet and among masses .  Juli jha is more of a performer . Juli jha Maithili song comprises both Maithili bhajan and Maithili lokgeet .   juli jha sings chat geet, bhola nath geet,  and also in Maithili lokgeet segment , she sings Maithili vivah geet  and sohar geet . She sings in association with Maithili ganga, mithila junction , AP Darbhanha  music production houses .  A few of her song has crossed millions on youtube .  Juli jha Maithili song related to love , romance, longingness   for husband is very popular . Infact her Maithili lokgeet segment is more popular among masses and on internet. Juli jha long with Madahv  Rai performs lot of stage shows . Madhav Rai and Juli Jha both are good performer and with their Maithili romantic song they both connect with masses and young crowds.