Madhav Rai

Madhav Rai maithili song is more of   romanticism and  socio-economic condition of bihar and also about culture and tradition of mithila. Madhav Rai maithili songs is famous for romantic video songs and dance with his troops , but his Maithili bhajan, especially madhav rai bhagwati geet is very popular. Madhav Rai stage performances shows is his strength . Madhav Rai is a much of a performer than a singer.Madhav Rai does many stage performance and participate in vidyapati samaroh across india. Madhav Rai along with juli Jha participates in lot of stage shows. He has started singing bhojpuri song. Madhav rai Bhojpuri video is also widely searched on internet. Most of Madhav Rai songs are produced by music production houses like mithila junction and Maithili ganga .