Rajni Pallavi

Rajni pallavi maithili songs, have been an epitome  of Maithili rich  culture and tradition for last 10 years . she is from Madhubani and currently lives in Bangalore .  Her you tube channel is very popular. Many of her Maithili bhajan and  Maithili  lokgeet have  view over 1 Million . Her strength is her simplicity,  with tinge of an elegance where she just focus on  her song and emotions and music is just  as supporting role.  Rajni pallavi  chhath geet,  bhagwati geet  is very popular , but Rajni pallavi vidyapati geet is most popular among all . Her customer segment is very elite, who simply loves the quintessential and fragrance of, Maithili bhajan and lokgeet .   She sings on all India Radio and even participates in Vidyapati Samarohs.