Maithili Thakur

Maithili Thakur currently is a new rising star in Maithili segment. She is the most popular  Maithili singer on internet.  Maithili Thakur  sings  Maithili  song and  Bhojpuri  songs too . She has started singing  variety of Bollywood covers and other traditional folk music from other states. She sings along with his brothers Rishav and Ayachi. one play table, whereas other supports her in singing.  In fact her father and forefather were into classical music, singing and training. Her strength is classical singing, and can sing at very high note.  She can be called as soprano singer  in Indian folk music segment . Apart from this she sings with her brothers, adds more color to her performance. During Lok sabha elections, she was nominated brand ambassadors of madhubani district . Maithili Thakur Income  comes from stage shows, and from  social media .

Maithili thakur bhajan , like Lord shiva song , maa Durga song are  very popular . In Maithili lokgeet song segment, Maithili thakur sohar song is very popular among folks . Maithili thakur does lot of stage performance , especially vidyapati samroh which are held from november to January . She is in great demand by all maithilis group to perform. She is called Mithila pride and currently has become ambassador of mithila culture across globe