Maithili song – Enlivening maithili culture and ethos since ages !

Since time immemorial, Maithili culture and tradition has dominated eastern part of India. The peak of Maithili culture and tradition gained prominence during 1300 to 1500, under Vidyapati.  Vidyapati  with his Maithili gana , spread  Maithili culture  and ethos across .  He wrote his poems in the language of masses though Sanskrit was official language.  Vidyapati is very popular in mithila  and native of mithila  celebrate vidyapati samaroh every year across the country .

Every established and aspiring singers perform in mithila vidyapati samaroh . Maithili Thakur currently spearheading this   across.  Maithili  song  has attracted millions across the globe .   Maithili word derived from sita name who was known  as Maithili too.


Maithili bhajan and maithilil lokgeet  encompasses and irradiate the social and cultural ethos  which existed  hundreds of years  . Mata Janki / sita /Maithili is revered  and worship and held in high esteem  and people from mithila  epitomizes and follows her  values and principal religiously with great  fervor  even today . Maithili vivah geet  especially Lord Ram and Sita vivah is very popular  among folks . Through Maithili geet the rich culture of mithila is still intact , enlivened and vivid in the veins of native of mithila . Maithili gana  which encompasses Maithili  bhajan and Maithili lokgeet  is the most important factor that has kept the rich culture and heritage of Raja janak and Mata sita fresh and vibrant .


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