Mithila region – Mines for Famous Singer

Mithila culture  known as  Maithil culture  too,  refers to the  tradition or habit which originated from  the  Mithila. It  comprises  Tirhut, Darbhanga, Kosi,purnia , Munger , Bhagalpur , banka, Godda, Deoghar, Sahibganj, pakur  and some adjoining districts of Nepal.

Mithila is known for its enriched culture and heritage. Delicious foods, Painting, traditional attire,  head gear  known as Paag,  Paan and Makhan , are the symbols of  proud mithila culture .

Painting  especially Madhubani paintings has carved a niche for itself , globally . Padam Shri  Baua Devi and Padam Shri Dulari Devi  are the famous for Paintings . If there is one more thing which Mithila is known for , it will be music . Vidyapati  the famous poet , is worshipped in mithila . Vidyapati is the most famous poet among all learned scholars .

Currently many famous singers like , Sanchet parampara, Udit Narayan, Maithili Thakur, Madhvi Madhukar , Ranjana Jha, Harinath Jha are the finest example of singers .


Mithila love for Music is well known. There are more than hundred  poet and lyricist, musician and singers , dancers  who have contributed immensely in india’s rich culture and heritage .

Darbhanga gharana is one of Gharana  or tradition, of the Hindustani classical music  called dhrupad said to have been started in the eighteenth century by Radhakrishna and Kartaram, musicians in the court of the Maharaja of Dharbhanga .  The style is known  for its vocal delivery and energetic performances, as well how the songs are sung after the  alap or raga ,  Notable singers of the Darbhanga gharana include Ram Chatul Mallick , Vidul Mallick and Siyaram Tiwari . Currently The Mallik Family is the leading representative of the court music tradition of Darbhanga.

Currently Mallick Brothers are the young, versatile, and energetic  Dhrupad vocalist of Darbhanga tradition. Representing the 13th generation of musicians from their family, they are continuing the rich  legacy as Duet performers which have been quite novice  in the Dhrupad music tradition from the ancient times. Today time,  Mallick Brothers are regarded as spearheader  of the new generation of Dhrupad music. Parvesh Mallick  is one of the known or best  singer  for darbhanga Gharana

In the past , there are very famous singers , poet , lyricist , novelist ,from mithila, who contributed in India’s rich literature, arts  & music .

Mithila is currently the mines for famous singers . Udit Narayan the famous Bollywood Singers and Padm shri  is well know face .  He has sung more then thousand songs , but currently Sanchet parampara is rage among youngsters . Both have sung many bollywood songs , but their creativity with respect to stotra , especially  short videos is a rage.  Shiv Tandav stotra was a mega hit by  sanchet parampara .


Three generation of parampara Thakur  is involved in Music and singing .  Ravindra Nath thkaur The grandfather of Parampara thakur ,  was lyricist in the first maithili Movie . His son Avnindra Thakur and his wife are too singer and musician .  Now their daughter Parampara Thakur is one of the most famous singer of india .  Parampara Thakur has done her schooling from dhamdaha and purnia . Recently Parampara Thakur married to sanchet . Both are now Bollywood famous singers . Both are highly experimental and their recent foray into stotra and religious song like Shiv Tandav , rudrastakam is very much appreciated .

Maithili Thakur stage performance is in much demand . Maithili thakur  fees  is more than 3 lakh for each performances . Maithili thakur  brother Rishabh thakur and Ayachi Thakur help maithili Thakur . Ramesh Thakur looks after all management of program .

Ranjana  jha continues to be experimental in ghazal , osho songs and maithili .  Madhvi madhukar current focus is on stotram and she is undoubtedly the best stotra singer.  Her melodious voice and Crystal clear Pronunciation of sanskrit is globally appreciated by all  Hindus .  Harinath Jha is also being experimental and he has sung many stotra and maithili song for Music album industry .

Undoubtedly Mithila is mines for best singers and musician




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